About Us

Suburban Supply has been setting the standard for ware washing service since 1995. Our service program has been designed to provide our customers with comprehensive quality ware washing and laundry service.  We provide a two part system consisting of regular maintenance and emergency service 365 days a year.

Suburban Supply Clean Kitchen

Our Commitment is simple:

First, we provide regular maintenance and repairs on your entire dish machine. a well tuned machine is critical for good results. The chemical component is only one facet of getting clean dishes. Neglect and improper maintenance of the dish washer is the most common reason for poor results. At Suburban Supply we maintain the dish washer the right way so the chemical component works correctly.

Second, we also provide emergency service coverage 365 days a year. There is no charge for labor. The only service expense is for parts that we replace your equipment. Each service van is stocked with parts and backed by and extensive parts inventory.

We are proud of our industry leading service, however, if there is anything that we at Suburban Supply can provide to go further beyond our services and your expectations, never hesitate to contact your service representative or the office. It assures you, our customer, finest quality results available in the industry.

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